Sammy's Marketplace

“With my clear and precise mission for guest’s in my restaurant for some of the highest degree of service possible I have continued that mission in Sammy’s Market. I have selected some of the finest and premium food imported from Italy that you can enjoy in your own home.”

Located right within the Eastport, MD Italian restaurant. Sammy’s has brought the best of Italy to the city of Annapolis with our delicious meals and now you can take delicious treats home with you if you want to cook your own meal. Select just a few of the items that you will find at the “market” like Antica Italia Extra Virgin Olive Oil that comes from Partanna, Sicily. It is a product of the first cold pressing from selected private groves. This natural, healthful oil is produced in the same manner it was thousands of years ago. It adds an appetizing flavor to many recipes, and is a perfect base for all sauces and dressings. This is a delicate flavored, olive hued “must” for salads and fine cooking.

You can also spice things up with Miguel & Valentino Peperoncino Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is imported from Italy. Pick up a can or two of ‘O Sol ‘e Napule il Pomodorino Cherry Tomatoes. O Sol ‘e Napule is a company that has its origins in Francesco Calabria. You can even get the refreshing hard coated refreshing mint candies from Italy’s Cedrinca Fresh Mint.

However, you can pick up a whole meal to cook at home from Sammy’s market too. Bundle the De Cecco Pasta, Fusilli – this pasta is a Delicious short spiral shaped pasta. Good source of protein, thiamin, folic acid, iron, riboflavin, and niacin. No GMO, no trans-fat, no saturated fat, no sugar added, is Kosher, and made in Made in Italy. Add a fresh helping of Don Pomodoro Arrabbiata sauce traditional sauces with Fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil are the key ingredients for these Italian traditional products. Pasta was just waiting for them! As some Blaze balsamic vinegar and mix a little of Miguel & Valentino basil extra virgin olive oil over the pasta and finish up the meal with a few Mulino Bianco short bread cookies and to freshen the breath afterwards have a fresh mint hard candy from Italy’s own Cedrinca.

There are so many more products at Sammy’s Market so just come in and check out the many tantalizing options.